8¼” (210mm) Scissors Dressmakers Klassé


8¼” (210mm) Dressmakers Shears

  • Made in Italy
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Heavy duty drop forged steel.
  • Double plated with a nickel and chrome finish for long life long protection.
  • Larger grip handle. Three (adult size) fingers fit comfortably in the large handle.
  • Double locking adjustment. Blades and tension can be adjusted using the screw, and then locked into place with the locking nut.
  • Serrated lower blade takes hold of the fabric and prevents it from being squeezed out of the blades during the cutting process.
  • The knife edge precision sharpening on the upper blade, allows incredible cutting power – up to 8 layers in one cut.
  • Ideal for quilting, tailoring and dressmaking
  • Length: 210mm (8¼”)

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