A Family Gathering Quilt Pattern


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A Family Gathering Quilt Pattern

  • We all have them although, sometimes we wish we didn’t….Families!! They are fun, they are thoughtful, they are caring, and sometimes, just sometimes, they are crazy! This quilt reflects on family life and all it entails….. “There is never a dull moment at the dinner table when family comes to visit, whether it be Aunty Marg giving Uncle Bruce grief about his silly shirts, or Grandpa dropping his dentures into the punch, or little Gerald feeding the whole bowl of brussel sprouts to Ralph the dog (who took on a lovely green colour after he munched through them all). Last time they came, Aunt Maud’s head swelled up like a watermelon and her lips inflated like balloons like a collagen implant gone wrong. Apparently she had an allergic reaction to Gerald’s home-made seafood stew. Little Amelia becam hysterical, as she couldn’t understand why there was a big-headed monster sitting beside her instead of her sweet old aunt.”
  • Includes appliqué, embroidery and piecing.
  • Designed by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.
  • Finished quilt size is 65″ x 67″ (165 cm x 170 cm).

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