An Angels Story Quilt Pattern


An Angels Story Quilt Pattern

  • There are many angels in this world, all wondrous in their own special way. This quilt encapsulates just 14 glorious angels all with their own unique story….here’s just one…..                                                                        “Sarah the Sewing Angel……….200 UFO’s is not enough for Sarah, but with no more space at home she has to curtail her creative ideas or take over the hubby’s workshop as storage. He would not be a happy little angel. A fabric stash to die for (but always needing more), Sarah is always busy putting needle to fabric when she is not quivering over the latest flannel range that’s arrived at her local quilting store. But oh, there’s always something new to start, and, oh, that’s such a pretty fabric…. I simply can’t live without it!”
  • Includes appliqué, embroidery and piecing.
  • Designed by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched.
  • Finished quilt size is 65″ x 67″ (165 cm x 170 cm).

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