Crafter’s Tool Caddy Pattern


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Crafter’s Tool Caddy

  • You will love these handy tool caddies with dozens of pockets for storing and carrying all your sewing, quilting, or other craft supplies.
  • A plastic paint bucket provides a sturdy base for the many pocketed cover. The bucket’s handles allow easy moving and carrying.
  • The pattern includes step-by-step instructions for two sizes of tool caddies:
    • 1 gallon size (4L)  (about 7½” tall by about 24″ around)
    • 2 gallon size (8L)  (about 9½” tall by about 30″ around)
  • All of the tools and supplies pictured will fit into the 2 gallon tool caddy shown at right. (Almost everything except the light and iron also fit inside the 1 gallon tool caddy.)
  • Perfect for transporting tools and supplies to classes, the tool caddy will sit on the floor next to your workspace and provide easy access to everything you need.
  • The 1 gallon tool caddy is small enough to sit on top of the table without taking up too much space.
  • Who will love the Crafter’s Tool Caddy?
    • Quilters
    • Sewers
    • Scrapbookers
    • Knitters
    • Artists
    • Rubber stampers
    • Kids
    • Crafters and hobbyists of all kinds
    • Design from byAnnie.

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