I am the owner of Katipatch and have a wonderful team of helpers who fill the gaps when I am unable to be here. I am passionate about patchwork and quilting and all the forms of this craft. I especially love the creative side, either in the designing or execution, and selecting the right colours to make a beautiful project become spectacular. I enjoy helping people turn their idea into reality so that they can treasure the fruits of their labours. Unfortunately the creative gene I carry means I become easily bored with repetitive work, so I love to try many different things, meaning I have made a huge variety of patchworked or quilted items over the years. When my children were small they regularly wore clothes bearing applique, and their duvet covers were appliqueed. Although I spent a few years doing embroidery and tried hand stitching and quilting, machine work is my passion, so I endeavour to use this to the best of my ability. My other pleasure is my garden, so when I am not working in the shop if the weather is fine I am outside and if not, I am at my machine!




My name is Jill. I have sewn from an early age, and have been quilting for over 25 years. I love every aspect of patchwork and quilting, maybe not the reverse sewing quite so much, but I particularly enjoy choosing the fabrics that will make a quilt sing, or make a special fabric really work to have the most effect in a quilt. I prefer piecing to appliqué, machine work to hand work, and like the challenge of trying a new block. In my mind there is nothing better than being in a quilt shop full of exciting fabrics or going to see a quilt exhibition.



Hi. My name is Linda and I am an enthusiastic patchwork quilter. I first began sewing when I was just a child and have always had a love of anything to do with sewing. In recent years I have focused on patchwork quilts and have a passion for planning and making new quilts. I particularly enjoy appliqué projects, but enjoy other forms of patchwork too. I love working at Katipatch and I am always amazed at the variety of fabrics in stock. There is always a fabric to suit any project and it is such a fun place to work in.Linda




Hi there, my name is Julie and I have been patchworking since 2004. I was brought up in a family of wonderful knitters, embroiderers and sewers and it has rubbed off on me but it didn’t on my sister or my daughter. Initially I thought patchwork was for “old ladies” but slowly I realised just how artistic quilting is, so much thought with colourway, pattern and not to mention time goes into making a masterpiece, to be enjoyed by all who see them. I have also been heavily involved in the local floral art groups and now also interested in painting, using acrylics and oils. I love helping out in the shop when opportunity arising – just helps me increase the stash I have in my cupboards so I can add to the various quilts I have stashed under my bed! All my family have at least one, some have two each, friends across the globe also have been recipients.         Julie



I was introduced to patchwork by my husband’s aunt and was hooked immediately, although I had been a stitcher from childhood, starting on my grandmother’s hand sewing machine.  I have enjoyed almost every craft you can name over the years but patchwork is now my abiding passion.  I enjoy a challenge, particularly if it is small and fiddly.  Helping out at Katipatch with such a friendly and helpful team is a delight.  The range of fabrics, notions and tools is astonishing, almost like working in Aladdin’s cave.