Garden Party 2019

The most-awaited day of the year for many customers is the annual Garden Party. This year the date is Sunday 3rd February. The gates open at 9.30am and close at 3.30pm.

Along with Peter Thompson playing superbly on his guitar, and Picking Daisies playing their easy-listening music we will have the usual excellent display of quilts airing in the garden (please drop them in to me during the week of 28th January ⇒ if you can loan them for the day). Our resident tutor, Juliet Fitness is creating a display of her work from over the years which will be a treat for the eyes and the brain!

The ladies of the local St Pious Church are again catering for the multitudes and offer delicious goodies and beverages for morning and afternoon tea, and of course, lunch at very reasonable prices.

Entry is $2 at the gate – don’t miss it!

If the weather is doubtful there will be an announcement made by 9am on this site.