Katipatch reopens for business

Katipatch will be reopening on Monday 18th under strict conditions in accordance with the government’s advice of Covid-19 Level 2.
We will open from 9am – 4.30pm each day as usual, however there will be a limit of 2 customers in the shop at once, so you may have to wait outside.
Before you enter you will be required to send a text with your name and address. If you don’t have a cellphone there will be a register inside which you will have to complete.
There will be sanitiser at the door which you must use before you enter. If you intend handling the merchandise you must use gloves. Bring your own if you have them, but there will be some provided.
Once inside, please remember 1m of social distancing.
NO CASH will be accepted, but we have paywave for up to $200. If you need to use the eftpos machine you must don gloves.
Please use sanitiser before you open the door to leave.
Our toilet facilities WILL NOT be available for use.
No classes will resume at this stage. Sorry, beginners, you’ll have to wait a little longer…..
All of these instructions will be posted at the front door.
We will be pleased to welcome you back into the shop, even if it seems a little strange.
The amazing thing is that when I closed the doors 7 weeks ago I thought it would be for longer than this. Congratulations NZ for the efforts of the team of 5 million in beating the virus.