Lesley’s Travel Duffle Bag

A Katipatch customer has recently made one of our byAnnie bag patterns (Travel Duffle Bag) using one of our William Morris fabrics and we were blown away with the result. I thought you’d like to see the result.

Lesley made some comments which may be useful to anyone making any of byAnnie’s patterns:

  • I recommend (as the pattern does) only one-way fabric or one side would be upside down!
  • Because my fabric is directional I cut it in half, turned it around and sewed it back up, joining the two pieces together before the quilting process.
  • Ticking the pattern off as you go is a must, it is the only pattern I have EVER marked in all my years of sewing/dressmaking.
  • As they say measure twice, cut once….I think…. read, read, read….measure, chalk mark, remeasure, check, coffee break, and remeasure before you cut….!
  • Would I make another? …..Yes….very tempted…. (still thinking of your Betty Boop fabric)
  • Rather an expensive bag to make but love the fact it is unique to you. …!