One of our Friday Friends regulars, Del Mattingly, has written a poem in Pam Ayres style and has given me permission to post it here.



I go along to Katipatch on Friday every week.

I go for inspiration and new fabric I must seek. 

I take at least four projects ‘cause I have to fill the day.

I get my machine set up when someone says ‘by the way’…….


So the sewing is abandoned while we have a good long natter.

I’ve got all day to get it done so a few minutes will not matter. 

And then it’s time for coffee, the pot’s already on,

So we have another chat and find the morning’s almost gone.


At last I start the stitching, my best work there’s no doubt

But, hold on, there’s a problem – damn, the bobbin thread’s run out! 

I’m always short of something that means I can’t succeed

But that’s OK ‘cause Carol sells exactly what I need.


Everyone is willing to offer their advice

Until we reach consensus – wow, that does look very nice! 

And when the top is finished, the job is almost done

So I’ll pass it on to Deb to quilt and start another one.

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