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Christmas Lunch

All Katipatch customers are invited to join us for our traditional pot-luck lunch on Friday 18th December to enjoy some conviviality of the season. Just bring a small plate of something to share and we will provide the beverages and Christmas cake. We usually get underway around midday. See you then.  

Garden Party

Sunday 1st February is fast approaching! My team of volunteers is alert and at the ready, the quilts are beginning to arrive for hanging early on the day, the craftspeople are organising their gazebos and products for sale and display, the musicians are tuning their guitars and voices, the church ladies are planning the food, […]

Italian Vineyards

Last year it was Paris structures in black and cream. This year it’s Italy! This fabric range is stunning with sepia-toned pictures of Italian monuments, bridges, towers and notable architecture, interspersed with maps, stamps, place names and plump, juicy grapes that look like they could be plucked off the fabric. These grapes also feature on […]