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Christmas Lunch

Christmas is fast approaching! This is a time of gathering and enjoying each other’s company. Every year we invite all of our customers (and a friend, if you wish) to our annual Christmas pot-luck lunch. Just arrive at around midday on Friday 16th Dec with your plate and enjoy the conviviality of other ladies. We […]

Christmas Lunch

All Katipatch customers are invited to join us for our traditional pot-luck lunch on Friday 18th December to enjoy some conviviality of the season. Just bring a small plate of something to share and we will provide the beverages and Christmas cake. We usually get underway around midday. See you then.  

It’s only one month till Christmas Day!

Christmas is not far away now, and although I’m not in panic mode yet, I am beginning to think it’s time to plan. A few pressies have been purchased, but very little organisation has taken place, so the lists need to start! We aren’t having the full family time this year, but that means that […]